After winning silver, Olympian announces herself to be multicultural, gay, and a lot of minorities



 Sullivan, who came out as lesbian in 2017, finished second in the Olympics' first-ever women's 1,500-meter freestyle swimming event on Wednesday (28 July).

She was in fifth position at the halfway point of the race, but she fought her way back to finish in 15:41.41.

Sullivan finished just a few seconds behind her teammate Katie Ledecky, who won the event gold.

It was Sullivan's Olympic debut, and she did not disappoint.

Sullivan held one of the most remarkable news conferences of the Olympics following her stunning victory.

She said that after the race she felt like the "epitome of an American individual."

It was "very wonderful" for her to win an Olympic gold as an Asian-American woman who also "identifies as homosexual," she said. 

“I’m multicultural. I’m queer. I’m a lot of minorities,” Sullivan said. “That’s what America is.”

She continued: “To me, America is not about being a majority.

“It’s about having your own start.

“The American dream is coming to a country to be able to establish what you want to do with your life.”

 According to OutSports, Sullivan is one of more than 160 openly LGBT+ athletes competing in the Olympics this year.

Tom Daley, Stefanie Dolson, Katarzyna Zillmann, Carl Hester, and others are among the out medalists.

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