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Robert Downey Jr. invests in vegan mushroom bacon start-up


Everyone loves bacon but nobody wants to eat pigs.Vegan bacon is the new big thing, it’s made out of mushrooms, and Robert Downey Jr is investing in it.


Robert Downey Jr. invests in Atlast Food Co and their vegan bacon


For a long time everyone was Instagramming their bacon but for the last few years sales in bacon have dropped dramatically as people go plant based. In fact, now they are sending pic of their plant based bacon alternatives, including bacon from the AtLast Food Company. Robert Downey Jr. is the latest celebrity to invest in plant based foods, investing in AtLast and their mushroom bacon.


It looks like bacon, sizzles like bacon and tastes like bacon. It is in fact made from a mushroom fungus. Mushrooms are specially grown at the Atlast farm, organically, and it is the mycelium of the mushroom that is used as a plant based mushroom. The investment is going into the farm.


Downey’s fund is Footprint Coalition Ventures. Other investors include Viking Global Investors LP and 40 North. Together they have put USD 40 million into At Last Food Co, an alternative protein / plant based start up company.


AtLast is not the only startup who have entered the plant based market. Plant based food products can be found in ordinary supermarkets these days, as well as on the menus of many restaurants. The idea behind plant ups is to provide food that is completely vegan but includes all the protein that a person needs. The texture and flavour of bacon is the same as bacon, but no animals are farmed or harmed. And it is not just bacon that is being plant based marketed, but burgers, steaks and all kinds of alternate meats


CEO of AtLast Food Co, Even Bayer, has said they are trying to reach the market who want to go vegetarian but just can’t give up their bacon.


Eating a plant based diet is all about looking after the planet, being environmentally friendly, cutting down on carbon footprints and of course, being humane to animals. People who eat plant based diets believe animals should not be farmed for their meat or milk, and that eating organic vegan diets is not just good for animal welfare but for climate change. Farming animals for meat is inhumane, as well as drawing on earth’s precious resource, water.


There are alternatives to meat and people like Robert Downey Jr. who have big followers on social media invest in plant based industries to draw awareness to a plant based way of life.



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