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Nick Cannon Opens A Vegan Soul Food Restaurant in Los Angeles


Actor Nick Cannon, who has a large following and millions of fans, has opened a vegan soul food restaurant in Los Angeles, collaborating with Chef Velvet, the celebrity plant based chef.


The restaurant is called The VTree Hollywood, and serves delicious soul food, all plant based and friendly for vegans and vegetarians.


Hollywood needs more plant based options as the way of life becomes more common place. Cannon himself only became plant based after being diagnosed with Lupus in 2012. He realised that he needed a healthier lifestyle and that he could not and should not continue to eat meat. He switched to a plant based diet, and opening a plant based restaurant is testament to how much he believes in this way of eating.


Cannon is well known for his comedy, rap, as a television presenter and as an actor. Now, he is well known as a plant based believer too. The restaurant started off doing take outs, and deliveries, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but once all lockdown restrictions are lifted, plans to be fully open.


The restaurant is already popular with the community of Los Angeles being as supportive as only they know how to be. Hollywood, and LA, or California in general, is filled with people who are aware of the planet, aware of the environment and aware of the dangers of eating meat. The more celebrities who stand up in support of a plant based lifestyle, the more chance we have of a healthy planet and healthy human beings.


Cannon does not eat meat, and does not eat any processed foods. Their VTree restaurant serves dishes that sound like meat, or look like meat, but do not include meat. Cannon has said their chicken, which is not chicken, tastes better than any real chicken there is! He also says he has not eaten chicken in so long he neither remembers the taste, nor misses iT.


The VTree was operating from Yamashiro restaurant, transitioned to the Chinese Theatre and is now in Silver Lake. Their black eyed pea burger patties are a best seller, as is their mac and cheese, fried shrimp (not really shrimp) and red velvet cupcakes.


Vegan eating, or plant based, is taking on throughout the world, as we become aware of how much water it takes to rear meat, and also, how animals are sentient beings that we need to love and nurture. Any food farming should be organic and done on a humane basis.

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