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KFC Introduces 3D-Printed lab-grown “Chicken” Nuggets in Russia

Kentucky Fried Chicken need to find new ways of encouraging diners to enjoy their chicken, and 3D printed chicken that harms no chickens at all may be the answer!

The new Kentucky chicken nuggets are called Franken Nuggets and they are designed in a laboratory!


How do you feel about eating Kentucky Fried Chickens new chicken nuggets, ones that come out of a computer and a printer? I could be reality soon, although the nuggets are not yet being sold. The idea is a pilot, with Kentucky Fried Chicken testing the waters to see how their lab grown nuggets will be received.


While the majority of the worlds population still eat chicken, meat and fish, there is a growing trend towards being vegetarian or vegan. The reasons are twofold. One is about animal rights, with animal rights groups doing their best to end animal cruelty. The other is for health reasons, with health trends leaning towards fresh fruit and veg and not meat.


But of course there is one more reason and this is the environment. Farming animals for meat is environmentally unfriendly, potentially catastrophic for the plant, and uses up precious resources such as water.


This is where Kentucky Fried Chicken are trying to get one foot in the door and be down as the restaurant of the future.While 3D chicken does not have any meat in it, it does have chicken cells in it, combined with plant based materials. The chicken cells are not quite vegetarian, which means 3D chicken nuggets are not vegetarian either. But no chicken are harmed during the process!

KFC have been working with a Russian 3D printing company. Together they are looking at stopping factory farm chickens. It is thought the lab manufactured chicken nuggets taste like chicken, look like chicken and feel like chicken.


As part of their marketing ploy, and because of the popularity, KFC will coat the lab grown nuggets with Colonel Sanders special blend of herbs of spices.


You will not be able to order these chicken nuggets yet. They are not on the menu anywhere around the world, even though KFC are all around the world. The question is if the world is ready for 3D printed food. We know they are ready for plant based food but this takes things one step further. Or should we say, one cluck further.

KFC Introduces 3D-Printed lab-grown “Chicken” Nuggets in Russia KFC Introduces 3D-Printed lab-grown “Chicken” Nuggets in Russia Reviewed by john on May 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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