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Florida Farmers are Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

It’s always shocking when food goes to waste but farmers are stopping this by starting community based agricultural projects.


No farm, restaurant or grocery store in Florida should ever throw out food


Farms and the agricultural industry have taken a huge hit during the pandemic. The food they sell, normally to restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, has been sitting and going to waste, while farmers look on in dread.


Nobody wants to see food rotting, especially knowing there are thousands of hungry people out there. Famers have been losing their livelihoods too, knowing their product is not needed.


The Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association has stepped in, helping farmers sell their produce directly to consumers, as well as setting up community based programs. Nobody should go hungry, at any time, and no food would go to waste. Farmers should still be able to make a living.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a terrible knock on effect. Farmers, who normally supply supermarkets, commercial and retail wholesalers, hotels and cruise ships, have lost a lot of their customers.


While larger supermarkets have manage to stay open, many small or family run supermarkets have closed down. Restaurants have closed down and owners and staff are no longer earning. More people in the community are hungrier than ever before. The knock on effect has been large.


Farmers have been given a bit of a reprieve in Florida, where the FFVA is suggesting and allowing that farmers sell to communities and consumers directly. This is not cutting out the middle man, the retailer or wholesaler, but merely giving farmers and consumers alike a lifeline.


Any farmer who wants to be part of this program can contact the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association to become a part of the program. The FFVA fully understands the challenges that are facing the farming industry, as well as the challenges that are facing consumers.


Farmers can sell to stores and their regular customers, and sell surplus directly to the public. While everyone has to be cognisant of price, farmers cannot afford to sit on their produce, and nobody can watch it go to waste.


Farmers in Florida are getting help from the Florida state department of agriculture. Many have had to reinvent what they do and how they do it, including going into the manufacture of certain food products. Farmers who traditionally sell tomatoes may now be found selling tomato sauces! Citrus farmers may be selling jams.


It has taken a pandemic to teach us not to waste food, to share food, and to reach out to every community, in every which way we can.




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