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Virginia Just Became the 4th State to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing


There is a growing movement worldwide to stop using animals for testing of cosmetics, especially for lipsticks, moisturizers, mascaras, all make ups and hair products.


Virginian governor signs bill to ban cosmetic animal testing


The bill that has been signed by Virginian governor Ralph Northam will only come into effect on the 1st January 2022, but is being hailed as a breakthrough moment for activists, against using animals for testing of cosmetics. It is thought if the majority of women realized that the products they use involves animal cruelty, they would stop using the products immediately.


Sara Amundson, the president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund says that consumers are becoming more aware and are starting to look at labels, choosing those products that do not do any testing on animals. She says that it is just not necessary for companies to test their products on animals and there are several other ways to do testing that are humane and ethical.


Amundson’s work is to step harsh testing methods which may include chemicals being dripped into animal’s eyes, or rubbed into their skin, to see how they will respond. Amundson advocates humane testing that does not require the use of animals at all. She says new testing does not need to take place on the many products and ingredients that are already on the market.


Virginia becomes only the fourth state to ban such animal testing, with California leading the way when they signed the bill in 2018 and passed the SB 1249 Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act. Illinois was the second state to sign the bill, shortly followed by Nevada. It is thought that many more states are considering the bill, including New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Maryland, Rhode Island and Hawaii.


This bill makes it illegal for cosmetics to be sold in the state, if such cosmetics have been tested on animals, with two exceptions. The first is if animal testing is required by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and the second is if regulatory compliance is imposed by a county that exports the products, although this provision is due to expire in January of 2024.


One of the senators involved in the Humane Cosmetics Act is Democrat and vegan Senator Cory Booker, from New Jersey, who together with a number of other bipartisan politicians introduced the Humane Cosmetics Act. There are now over 900 companies producing make up and self care products who have themselves endorsed the act.


40 country have passed their own prohibitions on testing of cosmetics on animals, and it is thought more will follow suit. Australia, Turkey and Guatemala are four of these countries.


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