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New Zealand to ban live animal exports


Over the next two years live animal exports will be banned from entering into New Zealand, a move welcomed by animal rights activists.


New Zealand government confirms the live export ban on animals


New Zealand are proud of their reputation for honouring animal welfare and respecting animal rights. The country is determined to lead the way in preventing and stopping animal cruelty and are determined to uphold their high standards of animal welfare.


While the phase out period is going to take 2 years, New Zealand are already way ahead of other countries in that they have only received one sheep export over the last 13 years, although they themselves have been exporting, cattle in particular, on a large scale to China.


The move has been widely hailed, although there is some criticism from some within the animal and food industry saying jobs are at stake and so is the economy. The meat industry, chicken, beef, pork and fish, is a big one. The plan looks at ways to stay ahead of this, as there are options to eating animal meat, including plant based food stuffs.


The plight of animals at sea for export has been noted of late with several horror stories taking place, including the cargo of sheep who were recently stranded in the Suez Canal when the Ever Given cargo ship got stuck. It is not known exactly how many animals suffered needlessly by being out at sea for days with limited food and water.


This is not new as animals are exported via ship worldwide, often in the most horrific conditions. This move comes together with New Zealand recognising animals as sentient beings, meaning they have feelings and emotions.


The Agriculture Minister, Damien O’Connor, confirmed the ban would start in 2023. He sys that 0.2 % of agricultural revenue come from live exports, and that he and his team have been working on the ban since 2019. He and government have been thanked by Simone Clarke from Animal Protection New Zealand.


Animal World Protection have been lobbying countries for decades to stop this terrible trade and it seems their hard work is finally paying off.


There has been mixed reaction with Marc Cameron from Act’s Primary Industries saying the rural sector are being treated terribly too with their own livelihoods at stake.


There is a worldwide call to find different ways of doing things and this includes the way we eat. More and more people are turning to plant based diets, for health reasons, but also, to stop the cruelty of the animal export trade.

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