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Lebanon Now Has the World’s First Hospital That Only Serves Vegan Food

The first hospital to serve only vegan food has opened in Beirut, Lebanon. It is the Hayek Hospital an dis being hailed as the first plant based hospital in the world.


World’s first plant based hospital opens in Lebanon


There is a huge trend towards eating plant based foods, being advised by doctors and health care practitioners worldwide. It therefore makes sense, if plant based food is healthy and good for you, that hospitals serve it. This is why Lebanon’s Hayek Hospital in Beirut has switched to a plant based diet for all the patients, and for staff too.


The World Health Organisation has classified processed meat in the Group 1A of carcinogens, meaning it can cause cancer. Tobacco and red meat are in Group 2A, which shows just how dangerous processed meat and red meat both are. Serving meat in a hospital is like giving patients cigarettes to smoke. It makes no sense.


The announcement that the Hayek Hospital was going totally plant based was made on the 1st of March 2020. The change has been a process. For the last few months the hospital has been offering patients a choice between animal based or vegan meals. They have also been giving out information to patients on the benefits of a plant based diet, and educating them on the dangers on meat


Keeping up with trends, the Hayek Hospital have an account on Instagram and this is where they posted the news. The post read as follows:-


Our patients will no longer wake up from surgery to be greeted with ham, cheese, milk, and eggs the very food[s] that may have contributed to their health problems in the first place.”


The hospital are taking an active stance against meat calling it an ‘elephant in the room’ and saying that there is no way animal products should be offered at any hospital. They pointed out at the CDC, Centre fo Disease Control and Prevention, has said that three out of every four infectious diseases come from animals. A plant based diet can stop the evolution of some infection diseases, and can also reverse them.


The hospital went on to say they have a moral responsibility to serve plant based food, not only because of health reasons but out of humanity’s responsibly to animal welfare.


The menu now has delicious options include vegan burgers, vegan pizzas, fajita sandwiches, and plant based versions of Shawarmas, Shisk kebabs and Labneh.

It is hoped that many hospitals will follow suit with plant based diets, not just for patients but for all healthcare workers, cleaners and porters too. Anyone within the hospital should be looking after their health and the welfare of animals.

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