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Kind Nurse Opens Hospice For Abandoned Senior Dogs Dying Alone Without Love And Care



A dog lover and retired nurse has opened a wonderful hospice for senior dogs, ensuring their final months, weeks or days are surrounded by love, delicious food, a cosy bed and kindness.

Nicola Coyle of Mansfield, Britain opened up The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice, ensuring that any old dog she came across, or anyone who found an old abandoned dog, could sleep comfortably, be well cared for and enjoy a few walks or visit to the beach, before passing on.

Her hospice care is not dissimilar to that given to older and ill human beings. Like humans would be cared for in a hospice, Nicola and her team allow the animals to live a quality life till the very end, as well as being showered by love, and good food.

Dogs get a final dinner

Each dog gets a steak dinner at one point or another, or of course, whatever food it is that they like best. She treats each animal with love and respect, giving them what they have deserved throughout life - kindness.

Many of the dogs come from vets where they have been handed in, from shelters or rescues who are familiar with Nicola’s work, or from people who have older dogs but can no longer look after them.

Her work clearly gives her a sense of purpose, the same way that nursing once did. Caring for the elderly takes love, kindness and generosity, and Nicola extends this kindness from humans to animals too.

Each senior dog is treated like he is a member of Nicola’s family and no matter the circumstance the dogs have come from, Nicola treat them with utter respect and kindness.

Nicola runs the shelter from home

The shelter is run from Nicola’s home in Manfield, Nottinghamshire. She tries to take just two dogs at a time, and dogs who have just a few months to live. She has been known to take the dogs to McDonalds, where there is photographic proof of an older dog enjoying a chocolate ice-cream.

Nicola focuses on end of life care. She makes up dates for their birthdays, unless she knows the correct date, and always throws them a birthday party. Hats, steak and ice-cream, with lots of pats, love and cuddles, are always included! If they prefer fish and chips, they get fish and chips!

The money to keep the dogs in good health and good food come from fundraising and the kindness of strangers. People generally love dogs and are more than happy to contribute. For Nicola, who is 46, having just two dogs at a time makes perfect sense. Her hospice is run from her home; two is a manageable number and she can spread the love around.

The rescues and shelters in the area are extremely grateful to Nicola, for giving the senior dogs a second, if final, chance, at love, life, gentleness and lots of good licks! Nicola’s good work is highly recognised in her community.

Kind Nurse Opens Hospice For Abandoned Senior Dogs Dying Alone Without Love And Care Kind Nurse Opens Hospice For Abandoned Senior Dogs Dying Alone Without Love And Care Reviewed by john on April 10, 2021 Rating: 5

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  1. This is what compassion looks like!! Grateful and happy to know that people like this still exist!