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In This Zoo, Animals Roam Freely While Humans Are Caged


In Chongqing City, China, a zoo called Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo is a one of a kind zoo that every wildlife lover should visit. Most humans are scared of the wild animals though they have the passion to be closer to the wildlife and be near the wild beasts. In this fascinating zoo, it is possible to be in the vicinity of the wild animal’s natural habitats and still be safe, inside a secured vehicle.

In the middle of the zoo, the vehicle with caged human passengers stops to attract wild animals to come over. Outside the cage, they put chunks of meat to entice animals to come and have a bite. The visitors inside the cage can witness in a very close proximity the wild animals eating meat.

This amazing zoo provides a great experience to visitors, they can see closely how wild animals feed on meat without the hassle of making humans as dinner.

The cage vehicle has small openings that will allow the guests to offer meat to tigers, lions, and bears. The most famous food is chicken, as it makes the animals leap on to the caged vehicle and grab the poor meal.

The zoo received comments from critics that this method is just an accident waiting to happen.

Chan Llang, the zoo spokeswoman said that the guests are very much aware of the dangers they are getting into but the thrill keeps them going and the excitement is heightened.
The visitors have the opportunity to experience being a prey, being chased after by wild animals, but without the actual risk of being eaten.

The zoo opened in 2015 was fully booked for straight three months. Meaning that tourists love the natural habitat of wild animals.
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