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Holland Becomes First Country to Home Every Stray Dog

The Netherlands have embarked on a very strict sterilisation program, resulting in zero stray dogs in the country.


The Netherlands is the only country in Europe, maybe the world, to have no stray dogs at all.


The Netherlands takes animal cruelty and animal welfare extremely seriously. They have strict rules regarding stray dogs. They support adoption of animals, rescue animals, and also, sterilization programs that are offered free of charge.


The Netherlands has their stray dog population under control and it is something very special to see. Nobody wants to see stray dogs. The Netherlands always embark on rescue programs, with most animal lovers adopting dogs rather than buying puppies that have been bred. Puppy mills are illegal and animal welfare only allows certain breeding of certain animals.


Pet owners can get their pets sterilised free of charge and they regularly embark on public sterilisation programs for animal owners. Anyone can take their dogs to be sterilised, no questions asked.


Dog owners are encouraged to rescue dogs and to adopt dogs. Netherland’s dog owners, and pet owners in general, are very conscious about animal welfare, and always keep their dogs well looked after, well groomed and well fed. This is easy to do when you have the support of government, and this is where the Netherlands are very progressive.


Nobody is allowed to abandon a dog. There are also plenty of welfare organisations so if one does feel the need to give up an animal, there will always be a society to look after it. It is encouraged that people talk about all things connected to dog ownership, and while the Netherlands make it easy for people to care for their dogs, they are also there to step in, if need be.


The Netherlands uses a method called PSVIR. Pick, sterilize, vaccinate, identify and return your dog. Spaying and neutering is free of charge. The Netherlands has stopped dog homelessness. They prevent cruelty to animals. And their programs have definitely worked.


Pet owners are also incentivised with their animals, get tax breaks and good discounts. People can choose to go to their own veterinarian service, or can use a government service that provide services free of charge.


It is hoped that other European countries will follow suit with similar sterilization programs. Countries like India who have enormous problems with stray dogs are also starting to adopt such programs, in certain states, although money always plays a huge part in what a government can or cannot do.

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