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Black-Owned Vegan Meat Brand Strikes $300,000 Deal with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban


Everything Legendary, the black owned vegan brand, sells Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban a 22% ownership of the company.


Deal between Mark Cuban of Shark Tank and Everything Legendary takes place on the reality television series Shark Tank.


Plant based and vegan food are huge business today, and not only amongst the hip generation. People of all colours, ages and cultures are turning to a plant based diet, and this is being endorsed by celebrities, millionaires and entrepreneurs far and wide.


Mark Cuban is the man behind the American reality television series Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs put together business presentations and offer them to a panel of five investors, known as sharks, on the show. The sharks then decide if they should invest or not. The episode took place on the 26th February 221, and within 24 hours of the business proposal being accepted, Everything Legendary sold vegan burgers to the value of USD 250 thousand!


Sometimes it takes a celebrity to help a business get off the ground. This time it has taken a very wealthy business man, and a reality television show, to do it. The idea behind Everything Legendary is to bring a vegan brand to the market that is nutritious and tasty, that is ‘mom approved.’ Now, with backing behind them, Everything Legendary can do this well.


When they say ‘mom approved’ they mean the food is filled with goodness, including all things plant based, including blends of hemp protein, potato starch, beet extracts and coconut oil. The food is tasty, as per Cheers, and said it is healthy and exactly what all our moms would want us to eat. They started their venture with pop up stores, going bigger slowly. Now they are Shark sanctioned, and have a huge cash investment, they can grow and expand, as per their televised business proposal.


Cheers says that by having Cuban invest in them, they know that it is worth trying again and again, and he urges supporters of the brand to never give up. He says that one ‘yes’ and can change everything, and Cubans’ yes changed everything for his team.


Everything Legendary is stocking their vegan burgers at Safeway, Acme and Giant, almost others. Mark Cuban is vegetarian, although it is fairly new for him. It is not known if the Everything Legendary partners are all vegan, although it is likely. The brand continues to expand and will also be found in Whole Foods Market and the Veggie Grill nationwide.


Cuban had already invested in the vegan brand, Mrs Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli, and being vegan and getting people to eat plant based is something clearly close to his heart.

Black-Owned Vegan Meat Brand Strikes $300,000 Deal with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Black-Owned Vegan Meat Brand Strikes $300,000 Deal with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Reviewed by john on April 24, 2021 Rating: 5

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