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Ariana Grande Opens Animal Shelter in Los Angeles

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular musicians around the world, with a number of hit songs, albums, Grammy awards and top tens. She has over 230 million followers on Instagram, mostly young, hip wonderful people. Ariana is a vegan and an animal lover, and during the height of the pandemic announced that she was opening a new animal shelter in Los Angeles.


The shelter is called the Orange Twins Rescue and they work with mostly stray dogs and cats. The Orange Twins Rescue has their own Instagram account with 134 thousand followers and if you look at the account you will see that they rescue pigs too.


Ariana Grande has the two Instagram accounts linked, clearly doing everything she can to bring awareness to animals who need rescuing, finding them foster homes, and at the same time, promoting a plant based diet.


Grande herself has adopted ten rescue dogs over the years. She stopped eating meat many years ago, for both the environment and for her health, and moved over to a fully plant based or vegan diet in 2013. She loves animals and could not ever imagine eating an animal again. She jokes about loving animals more than she loves people but says eating plants and cutting out animals has made her a much nicer person too!


Shortly before Grande opened the Orange Twins Rescue shelter she released her new album, Positions. This was in October 2020, a time when her fans would have been desperately waiting for the music.


The shelter cres for animals until they find their forever homes. They don’t only take young animals and when they opened, were caring for a twenty year old chihuahua by the name of Jolene. They also had a cat receiving from surgery, Mani, and one who cared for surrogate kittens, Sun.


Grande’s pets have wonderful names She spent a lot of time with them during the lockdown and the height of the pandemic, saying they made great company.


Some of her pets include:-


A labradoodle named Ophelia.

A Shiba Inu named Fawkes.

An American Pit Bull named Cinnamon.

A cross German Shepherd / Dachshund named Cocol.

The Bloodhound, Lafayette.

Another labradoodle, Sirius.

The Yorkshire Terrier named Strauss

A Chihuaha, Pignoli.

A cross Chihuahua and Beagle, Toulouse.

And Pit Bull mix, Myron.


Toulouse has appeared in her music video with Justin Bieber, where she dances with the dog. The song is called ‘Stuck with You’, definitely appropriate for a quarantine. The music was a hit, as was the video, featuring Grande, Bieber, his wife Hailey, and their dogs!


The Orange Twins Rescue is a good shelter to support, and if you are not in California, they will do their best to make a plan to get the animal to you.


Many big stars have put their names behind vegan diets. It’s no longer a fad; it’s a lifestyle.


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