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Animal shelter's kennels empty 'for the first time in history' after every dog adopted


Awareness of animals in rescue shelters has reached an all time high, with many dog lovers learning that instead of getting puppies, they can get rescues instead. For the first time ever, in April 2020, the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control shelter, a kennel in Florida, had every single dog adopted!

This is almost unheard of for a shelter who always have more dogs than they are able to care for and feed. 

The volunteers and staff at The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control shelter worked hard and without complaint, teaching people in Florida what it is that rescue do, and teaching the importance of rescuing and fostering, adopting pets, rather than breeding, buying or supporting what should be illegal by now, puppy mills.


The shelter doe not only care for dogs, but also cats, horses and pigs. They are known to take in all stray animals, to bring them back to health, and to find homes for them. While all the dogs found homes, there were still two cats, one pig and two horses looking for homes.


During Covid-19 people starting getting rescue dogs and cats. So many people were alone and stuck at home, making it the perfect combination and time to get an animal. Some fostered the animals while some adopted them permanently. 

Dogs and cats made the perfect quarantine and lockdown companions, and even though many restrictions have been lifted, the animals continue to do their jobs. To love, support and be the best and most unconditional loving family members!


The Palm Beach Animal Care and Control shelter raised awareness of their shelter and the animals that needed rescuing, by working a lot on social media. Once they had found homes for all their dogs, they used the Facebook social media platform to thank their staff and all their volunteers, who had worked so hard to place the animals. They also thanked every single person who had adopted or fostered an animal, opening their hearts and homes to the dogs and cats.


It is not only during the pandemic that this shelter has been extraordinary as they have been working as an animal shelter for years. During the pandemic, volunteers stayed with the animals, overnight, social distancing from other people, but looking after the animals twenty four hours a day.


Their brilliant results have raised awareness, not just amongst people but amongst other shelters too. The Miami-Dade Animal Services and The Friends of Miami Animals Foundation have also taken to social media and have themselves hosted virtual events on Facebook Live, showcasing their animals up for adoption.

Animal shelter's kennels empty 'for the first time in history' after every dog adopted Animal shelter's kennels empty 'for the first time in history' after every dog adopted Reviewed by john on April 13, 2021 Rating: 5

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