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Angelina Jolie calls daughter Zahara an 'extraordinary African woman': 'I have learned so much from her'

Celebrity Angelina Jolie describes her daughter as an extraordinary African women, praising her and calling her a great role model.


Angelina’s daughter Zahara comes from Ethiopia and has taught her mom a lot


In a Time 100 video chat with Vanessa Nakate Side, the Ugandan climate activist, Angelina has spoken about her 15 year old adopted daughter who is now 15, calling her an extraordinary woman. Jolie adopted Zahara, with her ex partner Brad Pitt, in 2005, going through the adoption process via an Ethiopian orphanage in Addis Abiba.


Angelina, who is herself a role model to thousands of women of all ages and all around the world, is in awe of her own daughter. She says her daughter has kept up, presumably with Jolie’s support, a strong connection with Ethiopia and the African continent, and is a role model for many Ethiopian, African and American women worldwide.


Jolie and Pitt have gone through their own battles with a divorce and difficulties with custody. The two have several children, including Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne. Custody is shared and Brad is often seen visiting the children in their Los Felix mansion.


While the custody battle was fairly brutal at points, with Brad refusing to let Jolie leave the country, it seems that they are reaching new agreements and getting on better, presumably for the sake of the children but also of themselves. Angelina had been keen to live outside of America and abroad when the kids are 18 and over, but for now, has had to stay in the USA.


Brad Pitt, one of the world’s most celebrated actors and highest earning actors, has also been engaged in financial battles with Angelina. Presumably these battles have been kept away from the children, with Pitt saying Jolie’s demands for child support are unreasonable.


Zahara, who was born in 1895, goes by the surname Jolie-Pitt, as do her siblings. She was adopted when she was just six months old. Maddox and Pax, her siblings, have both left home for their studies, making Zahara the oldest child in the household.


Zahara is thought to have undergone a few medical problems in the last few months, although details of this have been kept quiet. We only know that both parents have been by her side, including Pitt missing the Bafta Award ceremony so he could be nearby.


In a Hello interview, Jolie is also thought to have spoken about her daughter’s magnificent laugh and how she laughs with utter joy and delight! She’s also done a little acting herself, and voice work for the movies, although nobody knows yet what career she’s going to choose!

Angelina Jolie calls daughter Zahara an 'extraordinary African woman': 'I have learned so much from her' Angelina Jolie calls daughter Zahara an 'extraordinary African woman': 'I have learned so much from her' Reviewed by john on April 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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