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Adidas Launches Iconic Stan Smith Sneakers Made From Vegan Mushroom Leather

Major brands like Adidas are looking at materials that shoes are made of and ensuring there are vegan options.


Sports shoes are traditionally made of leather but Adidas have launched a vegan pair of sneakers together with athletic icon Stan Smith.


As the world become conscious about animal rights and the environment, so too do big brands. Adidas, whose shoes are traditionally made out of leather as almost all sneakers are, have lauded a new Stan Smith sneaker, one made entirely out of a vegan mushroom leather.


Adidas partnered with Bolt Threads, a company who specialise in manufacturing a vegan style leather, also known as faux leather. It is leather that looks like leather, feels like leather, and is said to be as durable as leather. Bolt Thread’s leather is known as Mylo as it is made using the mycelium from mushrooms. Mycelium renews itself.


Mylo is said to be strong, durable and long lasting and the Mylo products can be found in many other fashion brands, including bags and belts. They have worked out a process to engineer mycelium into leather like materials.


The Stan Smith Adidas sneakers are still in the early phases and although they have been made, albeit with the Adidas branding of three perforated stripes, they are not on the market for sale. Adidas at this point is exploring the faux leather market and looking how to work with nature and not against it. In other words, and this is according to the Adidas’ Global Head of Future, Amy Jones Veterlaus, Adidas need to become sustainable too.


Vegans do not wear leather. They do not eat animal products and they do not wear them either. There is a huge leaning towards going vegan as people try and lessen their carbon footprint, and as they become more concerned with animal welfare.


Traditional sneakers are not just made from leather but have plastic in them too. This is a time when the world is trying to cut down on its plastic use. Although Adidas ask people to recycle their shoes, and do offer a recycling depot, most used shoes land up in the dump. Shoes made of leather and plastic can take decades to biodegrade and have a negative impact on the soil.


The vegan market is a big market and it makes sense for big brands to go after this market, to draw awareness to climate change, sustainability and animal welfare. Adidas are not the only big sneaker brand to do this as Nike already have a few non leather or vegan based shoe on the market.

Adidas Launches Iconic Stan Smith Sneakers Made From Vegan Mushroom Leather Adidas Launches Iconic Stan Smith Sneakers Made From Vegan Mushroom Leather Reviewed by john on April 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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