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White supremacists are 'terrified' of being exposed online

University of Arkansas engineer Kyle Quinn was mobbed in social media after he was wrongly accused to participate in a Neo-Nazi rally. Quinn was said to be identified using twitter in Charlottesville.
Though Quinn was wrongly identified, there were people who were correctly spotted, like Peter Tefte and Jon Ronson, who believed that there is justification for white supremacists shaming.
White nationalists mask their identity online out of fear of Doxxing. However, the people who attended the rally in Charlottesville did not display any doubts regarding their identity to be known.

There was a confrontation preparation by the groups like the League of the South, as they were sure that Black Lives Matter group will react to their protest. In social media, identities were hidden well because being recognized will result in unemployment for many.
Though many attend rallies without caring about their identity, there are still those who care more about feeding their families.
Twitter user Logan Smith from “Yes you’re a Racist” assisted in de-masking the white supremacists at the rally in Charlottesville. Smith mentioned that he received death threats after that.

Doxxing is not good for the group, especially if a member shows a different ideology, like Mike Pienovich, the “The Right Stuff” alt-right leader and “The Daily Shoah” podcast propagator. It was revealed that he had a Jewish wife, and in turn, he instigated for his followers to bring guns to the rally.
There are minorities of racists who are not afraid to reveal their identity, but the majority of them are actually terrified. There are repercussions in being branded as a believer in ethnic cleansing. It would be hard to get a job, difficult to have a social life, and the society including friends and family can cast you out.

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