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Smartphones can hijack our minds

Rosenstein is now a member of a group of heretics who believes that technology and gadgets are making people distracted and it lowers IQ.

Leah Pearlman, a colleague of Rosenstein, was a product manager at Facebook, and now at the age of 35, has made a wall between her and social media.

Rosenstein pointed out that people in their 30s are the last generation who knows what the world was really like without Facebook or other social media.

The author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” Nir Eyal, 39-years old, stated that the addiction of people to social media is something that the developers influenced.

According to former Google employee Tristan Harris, 33, our minds can be hijacked and we do not have the free will.

Former Twitter feed designer Loren Brichter said that technology is addictive and it’s not good.

Apple’s inventors Justin Santamaria and Chris Marcellino pointed out that people have a choice to like the feeds or not.

Google and Facebook venture capitalist Roger McNamee stated that the company’s old missions are clouded by fortunes gained.

Ex-Google strategist James Williams, 35, believes that dystopia is real.

With inventors, designers, developers and other scientists and engineers behind the creation of social media getting together to tell the world how technology is destroying lives, it is quite a doubtful situation on what to do.

Some of the people who made social media happen are regretting their decisions to build an empire of a virtual world. They claimed that people are influenced to get hooked, and they are continuing to get distracted with all the pleasing things that the web has.

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