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Finland declared happiest country in the world

According to a UN report, Finland is now the happiest nation in the world. Finland also scored high regarding immigrants level of happiness.

The chart also indicated that the US is declining in its happy position to the 18th place due to the economic issues that the country is facing.

The top four happiest nations are Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. And the unhappiest is Burundi in East Africa.

Finland has 5.5 million people, ranked the most stable, safest, and has the best governance country in the entire world.

According to Meik Wiking from the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark, Finland has the highest taxes, but it as the consent of the people. They know how to use their money for the benefit of all, like free healthcare and free university education.

The Office for National Statistics in Britain stated that the country had become happier but they still ranked number 19th at this year’s chart.

The director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University in New York Jeffrey Sachs stated that the US had gone down the happiness level because of problems with obesity, substance abuse, and depression.

In 2015 Togo was at the bottom of the list, but this year they rise to number 18. And Venezuela has the biggest decline, though they are still in the middle rank.

Though Latin America is known for poverty, violence, high crime rates and corruption, they still rank high. It may be because there is an essence of family and relationship in their people.

As for the report, China has the greatest migration rate of all time, but despite that, their level of happiness did not improve for more than seven years.

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