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Extra 6 days holiday for non-smokers in Japan as compensation

Piala Inc. is a marketing firm in Japan that approved extra days off for employees who are not smokers. This is because smokers take extra breaks just to smoke, while non-smokers do not.
The company spokesman Hirotaka Matsushima said that one of their employees already complained in the suggestion box that smoking breaks are creating issues in the company. And so CEO Takao Asuka granted the extra six days paid leave for non-smokers to compensate.
This company in Tokyo is on the 29th floor and they took the compensation of paid leave seriously. The company CEO hopes that this act will discourage smokers and will make them think about quitting the vice.

In Japan, numerous efforts had been made to lessen the number of people who smoke, and the country has provided tough regulations about anti-smoking. The imposition can be seen all over Japan in the current months.
Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike planned that in the month of July, smoking will be banned in public places in the Japanese capital area. This will be done before the 2020 Summer Olympics happen as preparations as well for a non-smoking city or country.

The governor’s proposal for the smoking ban will surely meet strong objections and rejections from many individuals, mostly from politicians who are agreeable to smoking, from restaurateurs who have smoker customers, and most especially from the great company Japan Tobacco.
Japan Tobacco manufactures cigarettes, and the Japan government owns one-third of the company. In 2015, the company even provided $700 million as dividends.
Japan is at the last in the list of anti-smoking regulations, according to the World Health Organization. Japan has smoke-free public areas, and it was said that around 18 percent of Japanese are smokers.

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