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Dining alone Make you a better person

Amsterdam’s Eenmaal is the first solitary restaurant that caters to single diners only, and they are accepting reservations.
According to the Hartman Group’s study, almost half of America’s population eats alone. As for the Office for National Statistics in Britain, 7.7 million people are singles.
Eating alone is actually a good thing because it enables you to eat without the fear of violating table etiquette, without having to wait for someone before eating, and eating politely to maintain the poise. To eat alone with your heart’s content; to consume your food at a pace that you want is such bliss.

Jay Rayner, a food critic, and lone diner said that he is never worried that people will see him as a sad diner. He eats because he enjoys the food, and eating alone is not something to be pitied. People who are not used to a lone dining often overcompensate using their gadgets.
A coach driver of more than twenty years shared that he would rather eat with a lot of people than having to eat all by himself repeatedly on a daily basis. People like him can never appreciate the beauty of eating alone, to savor the food in your mouth and gain pleasure in the food that you eat.
Of course, if you will be eating food that will require the use of your hands or eat food that will surely lose your poise in public, it is advisable that you eat in a secluded part of the restaurant.

In this generation, people especially the young may never know the amazing feeling of eating alone because of the technology gadgets that are always present even when eating. Most people miss experiencing the peaceful solidarity of eating alone.
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