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Accepting Trans kids will stop suicide

In the US, 41% of transgender people commit suicide. There are many factors surrounding the unnecessary deaths, but it is mostly due to the criticism, discrimination, rejection, isolation, and harassment that transgender individuals get from society.
In a research where 73 transgender kids were involved between the ages of three and twelve years old, it was found out that kids who are welcomed in the community have less likely to get future mental problems.
Dr. Stephen Russell from the University of Texas at Austin stated that rejection from transgender kids home is devastating. A family is supposed to be the first to nurture and accept a child, but for some reason in the society now, it becomes socially acceptable to discriminate against LGBT kids.

Dr. Russell also sited that rejection can cause physiological and psychological stress to the youths. It is best if we start in this generation to provide cultural awareness to the LGBT children and start to heal the painful past. Transgender who were subjected to discrimination and rejection oftentimes have very low self-confidence, depressed, and have thoughts like they are bringing negativity to their loved one's lives. It is imperative that parents love their children the best way that they can through acceptance.
Trans kids to feel the acknowledgment from their own parents. They need to feel that they are loved regardless of their gender preference. They need to be told that they are brave in embracing their true selves.

A transgender child can grow up frightened and lonely when raised by parents who cannot accept their gender. The trauma and pain can cause irreparable damage to the emotional and psychological aspect of a child’s life. Rejected children for their sexuality most of the time live a hard social and work life.

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