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A Woman who can remember everything since birth

There are approximately 60-80 people in this world that can remember everything and cannot forget anything. Rebecca Sharrock is one of those.
Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) is a rare condition that only around 80 individuals have. Sharrock is 27 years old and she does not have the ability to forget anything. Most people forget things especially memories from their childhood. But Sharrock can remember every single of her life from the moment she was born.
According to the reports from the Daily Mail, Sharrock was twelve years old when she started to remember stuff from her much younger years. She remembers having her photo taken in the driver’s seat, remembers how she liked staying at her crib and checking out her toys and gazing at the stand fan.

The most amazing memory that Sharrock has was when her baby sister was born, and she was two years old. She mentioned that back then she had no idea what a sister is, and she was more engrossed in playing with a train toy.
 Sharrock can also remember and recite every word of the Harry Potter series.
Though it seems great to never have to forget anything, Sharrock is at a disadvantage because she cannot forget any painful memories in her life. She can relive all emotional strains clearly.

She wrote the book “My Life is a Puzzle” and joined two research studies regarding memory to understand the mind. She wants to help look for answers and help people with dementia and Alzheimers.

Sharrock specifically wants to help in uncovering the mysteries of the mind because her step-grandfather had Alzheimer's and she wants to be able to help in any way she can, for the topic comes close to home.

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